ABOUT: Kathy Armistead is a Nashville-based writer. She is the author, ghostwriter, or editor of more than 200 books. Her own books have been published by Fortress Press, Cambridge Scholars Press, and Abingdon Press.

WRITING AND EDITORIAL SERVICES: Kathy Armistead works with a wide variety of authors to develop and produce materials for many different markets and audiences. She also speaks and presents papers at conferences and universities across the country.

COACHING: Kathy Armistead works with new and experienced writers and those seeking advice about publishing. She helps writers prepare proposals, develop book concepts and manuscripts, and think through content organization. Kathy can help you write with more clarity and power.

CONTACT: If you are interested in hiring Kathy for your project, connect with her here. Email her at kathy_armistead@yahoo.com

Ten Things Editors Wish Writers Knew

  1. Anyone can benefit from having a good editor.
  2. The book is not for you. It’s for the reader.
  3. Let Narcissus be a warning. Don’t fall in love with your own words.
  4. Lean and clear writing is better than fluffy and obscure.
  5. Your editor wants you to have the best book possible.
  6. Sometimes there is no market for even a good idea.
  7. Use jargon and trendy phrases sparingly. If in doubt, don’t.
  8. Logical flow helps the reader follow your storyline.
  9. Readers will remember your stories but not your points.
  10. Writing is a skill. With practice you can do it. Reread #1.