How did we end up here

Help! I’m in a relationship with a character-disordered person! Have you asked yourself these questions? Can he (she) really change? Is there a chance for us? Should I stay or do I go? What do I do about the lies, deceit, and manipulation? Popular and best-selling author, Dr. George K. Simon Jr. answers these and other questions. Most disturbed characters are not hopeless. But traditional intervention methods generally don’t work. These people must be confronted but in a way that is healthy for both of you. Learn what and what not to do. Packed with real-life situations and illustrations, each chapter has concrete takeaways and tools to help you take your next steps.

George K. Simon Jr, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, speaker, best-selling author, consultant, and an internationally recognized expert on manipulators and other problem characters. He has appeared on CNN, Fox News, and syndicated radio programs. If you would like Dr. Simon to speak at your event, contact him at

M. Kathryn Armistead, Ph.D. is a Nashville-based writer and trained psychotherapist. She is the author, ghostwriter, or editor of more than 200 books. Find her at

How Did We End Up Here? by George Simon with M. Kathryn Armistead

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